Salt & Pilpel

Connecting Jewish Americans and Israelis in North NJ

Shalom and Hello, April 1, 2010

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Welcome to Salt & Pilpel,

We are a group of Jewish Israeli friends from northern New Jersey who like to spend time together and do magnivious (magniv+magnificent) things together.

We chose Salt & Pilpel as our name because we believe in spicing up each other’s life to create a  great mix of  flavors and give the whole a new sense of  fellowship. Salt and Pepper (Melach and Pilpel) together make that flavorful combination of Israeli American fellowship.

We want your input!

If you have a great recipe for Shabbat, a reliable babysitter, a wonderful tutor, an idea for a gathering, a grand event, a hike, or if you’d like to participate in our steering committee please contact us or comment below. We are open to your suggestions.

Hope to see you on board,

Thanks for reading and happy Pesach,

Sarit and Sheli


6 Responses to “Shalom and Hello,”

  1. Suanne Says:

    MAZEL TOV on the launch of Salt & Pilpel!!! I’m sure it will be a roaring success!!

    My best to you both,


  2. Iris Says:

    Cheers for creating this. It is a great idea. I am impressed!

  3. Ayala Says:

    Hi everyone,

    I would first like to congratulate Shelli and Sarit for launching this blog for the benefit of all of us. I love the idea of trying to bring the Israeli community and the American Jewish community closer together. I hope that you succeed in your efforts. You definitely have me on board!

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