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Hebringlish – everything you wanted to know and didn’t dare asking about in Hebrew slang April 7, 2010

Every Wednesday we’ll post some Hebrew words or idioms that make perfect sense in Hebrew. Than we’ll make sense of it in English too, hence the name: Hebringlish – a hybrid just for you!

Mashehu Mashehu translates as ‘something something’ and it’s meaning is something special, great, awesome.

Sof  Haderech translates as ‘end of the road’ but it actually means well: great, awesome thing, fabulous.

Zabash-cha is old slang (I’m dating myself here) acronym which translates to ‘it’s your problem’, meaning I don’t care for it, it is your problem to solve, something like ‘whatever’.

Please feel free to ask, offer new slang words and generally comment, we are looking forward to hear from you:)


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