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Uga L’Shabbat – Napoleon/Creme Shnit April 9, 2010

What you’ll need:

1 instant pudding mix, vanilla or white chocolate flavor, mixed according to the packet instructions BUT with half the milk and half whipping creme.

1 packet of puff party dough, the square ones.

The How:

Cut puff dough into triangles, place in the oven on 350 untill golden (about 20 min., don’t over bake!)

When cooled down, take a triangle, place some Napoleon creme on its flat side and cover with another puffed triangle’s flat side (like a sandwich).

Place in a serving plate, dust with powdered sugar and pre cut strawberries and serve!

Bon Apetit and Happy Friday y’all!


2 Responses to “Uga L’Shabbat – Napoleon/Creme Shnit”

  1. lior weinman Says:

    Look Great…….

    How mach calories is it?

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