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Relaxing weekend near the Amish Country April 21, 2010

Here is a great idea for a relaxing weekend.

Thank you to our dearest Ayala Kochan for the following:

Last Friday we drove about three and a half hours south to Lancaster county and spent a beautiful long relaxing weekend with friends in a big house that could easily accommodate us:  four adults, seven kids and a dog. The house is located not far from the Amish country and about an hour from Hershey park. However, we didn’t visit any of these places and concentrated in relaxing, spending fun time with the kids, reading and having some adult conversation while the kids were busy fishing (didn’t catch any fish but spent hours trying), bike riding (the house is located on a very light traffic road by the river so the kids can just hop on the bike and ride) and Canoing.  When we were tired of relaxing we went on a very nice easy hike in the area and had ice cream in a very nice place just ten minutes away from the house that also offers mini golf for kids and pony riding.

The down side of the trip is that it takes three and a half hours to get there. I am sure there are similar houses you can rent that are much closer.

Since I was not aware of this blog I took the usual family pictures.

Next time we do something interesting I will try to take pictures that better reflect the nature of the place.


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