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Pictures from our Kabalat Shabat Event May 9, 2010

A big thanks to all of you who participated, Shaar Communities for conducting the Kabalat Shabat, Ayelet Nethanel from The Goodies Place and our gracious hosts, Renee and Andy!

See you all in our next event of wine and cheese tasting May 15th at 8:00!

To view photos, click this link:


4 Responses to “Pictures from our Kabalat Shabat Event”

  1. lior weinman Says:

    As a religous man I think that this “Kabalat Shabat” to meet between jewish people no metter Israelies or Americans is so imprtant
    We are coming near to “Hag Shavuot” as also is caleed “Hag Matan Tora” when Bnei Israel got the “Tora” , It had said “ויחן שם ישראך כנגד ההר” mean that they satteled near the Sinai mountain.
    Our Rabais said “Ish Ehad Belev Ehad” mean that they was together without any conflict between the people.
    This feature is characterized the Jewish people that survived 3000 years in “Galut”

    This act of preserve the culture is so blessed that I want take the opportunity to said thank you for this very very very important act !!!!!! 🙂

  2. Inbar Says:

    It was an elegant and well organized event!
    Great job and thank you for the opportunity.

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