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Uga L’Shavuot, A cake for Shavuot May 13, 2010

Once a year we fly out for a family visit in Israel. On the phone with my mom the night before the flight she asks me what I’d like for dinner at home, the next day. Possibilities are endless, as my mom is a wonderful and diverse cook, so I pause. On one hand I don’t want to miss on any of her great cooking but on the other hand I wouldn’t want to exhaust her with my requests. So every year, at list once during our stay, my mom makes one of her amazing cheese cakes. Being the quick-and-easy-recipes-only woman I am, I don’t bother with cheese cakes and spend much more time searching for a good bought one.

Why am I telling you all this?

Because I spent more time surfing the net, finding the perfect cheese cake for you than baking one myself. In fact, for my Shavuot this year, I’m getting my cheese cake from Ayelet at The Goodies Place -yippee!

Here are a few sites in both English and Hebrew, I found for you:

Simple Secrets to Perfect Cheesecake

Recipes and video

For our sisters who are fighting fat daily: Lowfat cheese cake recipes

 Savta Nava Cheese Cakes

Hebrew Videos

Recipes for Shavuot


One Response to “Uga L’Shavuot, A cake for Shavuot”

  1. YR Says:

    And I thought we’ll get the recipe for your mom’s amazing cheese cake….

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