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Hebringlish May 26, 2010

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Ruach means spirit, wind. When its combined into an idiom it becomes a whole new world – see below:

Nacha Alav Haruach translates as ‘the spirit rested on him’ and means, ‘he got creative or thoughtful, the muse or higher source visited him and he said or created something special and/or important.

Ose Ruach translates as ‘making wind’ (it’s not what you think!) and it relates to someone who’s trying to impress others by name dropping or telling slightly bigger than life stories about himself or his achievements.

Kulo Ruach Vetziltzulim translates as ‘he’s all wind and bells’ and it’s about as equal to ‘all bells and whistles’ as you can get.

Ruach Pratzim translates as ‘bursting wind’ and means ‘a draft’ as in: “don’t go out now, you’ll catch a draft’ or “close the window, there’s Ruach Pratzim

Nafla Rucho translates as ‘his spirit fell’ and that’s the meaning as well: “Since he heard about her illness, Nafla Rucho“.

Hope you are in Hitromemut Ruach today, or: high-spirited day to you!


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