Salt & Pilpel

Connecting Jewish Americans and Israelis in North NJ

Salt & Pilpel family guided hike June 8, 2010

Dear friends,

Salt & Pilpel would like to invite you, Israeli and Jewish American families to a family guided hike.

The hike will take place on Saturday, June 19th, at 16:15 at the Alpine Boat Basin and Picnic Area with Christina Fehre, Supervisor of Trails and Environmental Education.

For more details please see evite below .

In order for us to cover costs (parking, guide, game, surprise) the following charges will apply:

Adult $10
Child $5

Please make sure to wear sturdy shoes, sneakers will be fine (there are some areas of the trail that are rocky, and there are a few small hills along the route). Poison ivy is a common plant in the park, so please make sure to wear long pants and stay in the middle of the trail. Bring plenty of water, sun block, hats and snacks….

Please RSVP through evite (open link below) and pay in advance to Sheli or Sarit.

The hike will follow part of an old carriage road, built in 1761 by Dutch settlers, and then continue near the shores of the beautiful Hudson River. Along the way, Christina will talk about the ecology of the Palisades, pointing out trees, wildflowers and evidence of animal life, and teaching hikers about medicinal and edible plants. Hikers will also learn how the unique geology of the Palisades cliffs brought on their initial destruction, a tragedy which later inspired the movement for the conservation of America’s most precious natural landmarks.

About our guide: Christina started working at the Palisades Interstate Park as a young girl. Her passion for the outdoors and conservation lead her to earning a degree in Environmental Studies from Bard College. But it is in the field, and not the classroom, where she feels most at home.

Hope to see you there,

Salt and Pilpel


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