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Gym – by Our very own Yael Chamai! October 1, 2010

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Back by popular demand, Yael has written for us about her gym experience. Sounds familiar, doesn’t it?

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    Gym Ready

So I decided to take care of myself, or at least try. It took one phone call from my sister and some web investigation for the nearest gym with a decent price.  It is time to do something for myself.

Wednesday afternoon 4:30 went into the gym to sign in and by 4:55 I was out with a brand new gym membership attached to my key chain. I am so proud.

Thursday came and I didn’t find time to go to the gym, I had the day off but needed to cook since I had friends coming over for dinner, the house was a mess, a pile of clothing to wash & dry and it was the first night of Sukkot. What else is new, “hectic “ is my middle name.

Friday morning ….. I have the day off because of the holiday; I am all geared up, sweat pants, t-shirt, proper sneakers, pony tail, water, iPhone and most importantly my brand new membership card on my key chain. In the middle of the morning chaos I announced to my husband & kids “I am going to work out at the gym!”  All of a sudden there’s complete silence and all eyes are on me. Did I mention that my two boys are amazing athletes? They for sure did not get that gene from me.  The last time I worked out was 3 years ago!

I get to the gym and it’s not that crowded, people  using the machines with such passion and focus , this could actually be inspiring! I figured that I will start slow so my body will get used to the shock.

Treadmill: I position myself and my stuff . Cool ! each machine has a TV, at least time will pass by fast if I find a good show. I press start ….. The machine asks me for MY WEIGHT!!!! What ? nobody told me that this was necessary? I look around to make sure nobody is watching and input the almost correct number (deducting 2 or 3 lbs). OK, now input the length of time I want to walk:  25 minutes. The platform starts moving slow, OH this is not bad…….. So I press the faster button +. Cool, I can actually keep up (press ++++) pretty good, now I can choose the elevation, let’s see what my body can take.

I walked for 20 minutes changing channels every 3 minutes, I couldn’t find anything to watch. I decided that the last 5 minutes I will RUN – I can do this. Press faster ++++++++++++++++++++ I can do this right? 5 minutes only.

The lady next to me is running on her treadmill and she isn’t even sweating. why am I soaking wet?

4:09 minutes left ….. Come on, is that right?  Seems an eternity,  Focus  Focus ……… I can do this , change the channel, ……. 3: 00 minutes left .

Yael, breath properly not from your mouth, change the channel, sweat some more, focus: 1:37 minutes left …….. I will for sure pass out on my first gym visit . Beeeeeeeep…. Hallelujah!  I ran for 5 minutes !!!  Press the slow down button – – – – – – – – – – – – – back to walking , breath …….. Drink water, wipe the sweat off my face.

I step off of the machine, I feel like my legs are light as a feather, I can probably fly, why does the floor move?

OK lets move to the next challenge, bicycle.

Set my stuff (water, iPhone, towel, key chain ) press start……… press start…….. Nothing works. Pick up all my stuff, move to the next bicycle, set all my belongings again, press start…….. press start…….. nothing!?! Maybe the bicycle is not plugged in? I get all my stuff and go to the reception desk.

“Can you please help me? I think the machines are not plugged in. This tall, blond girl gives me a big smile and asks “which machine?”

She walks with me as I point to the bicycle ,she  gives me another smile and tells me very politely  “you need to pedal and the bicycle will turn on”.

I wanted to die…… how ignorant of me, please G-d make sure nobody is watching. Oh what the heck, I don’t care. I am sure that nobody knew that on their first day.

I proudly did 20 minutes playing around with all the settings.

I noticed this very cool machine that looks like you are skiing, it makes you move your arms & feet in a ski like motion, called Elliptical machine. Why not, let’s try it for 15 minutes. Again the person next to me was doing it at such a speed and ease that I couldn’t take my eyes off her.

Press start….. ha ha ha ha move the handles & steps so it will turn the machine on …… I got this now , input my weight, THE REAL ONE, set the time for 15 minutes,  I am moving, not bad, Rachel Ray is on the TV making some type of buffalo wings, CHANGE THE CHANNEL , Fox news is a better choice. Look at the timer, this is getting harder, how much time left ? the screen shows my heart beat going up. I will do this no matter what. 4 minutes left, I don’t feel my legs. Is this normal??

I successfully ended my first day at the gym. I was walking to my car as if I just rode a horse. Legs wide open.

Got home with an amazing level of energy : I cooked, did laundry, took the boys closet down ( it was a war zone inside, mountains of shoes & clothing on the closet floor) vacuumed, broom, swiffer. I put the music full volume to Phil Collins “in the air tonight” & Alicia Keyes “super woman” and sang as if in a concert. My kids think I am for sure crazier than usual.

I like the “after work out feeling” . I made a pledge to keep it up, went to the Zumba class Sunday morning, at one point I don’t know if I was dancing or dragging my feet, but I was sweating and not looking at the clock as much. I find it weird-looking in the mirror as you work out, in my head I truthfully think I look like the instructor  slim & fit, doing all the right moves) but when my eyes go back to the  reflection  in the large mirror …….. Reality check…

The challenge for me  is making time for working out. I work full-time, I have 3 kids  and a husband , different schedules to run, cook, overseas phone calls for work, homework, drama…  you know the drill. Bottom line, I need to find time for “ME “ . And get some phone calls from my sister to push me to GO baby GO !!!!!

Wish me luck !!!!

Yael Chamay


8 Responses to “Gym – by Our very own Yael Chamai!”

  1. aviva Says:

    amazing!!!!!!, yael has the gift to make you smile again and again!!!
    isn’t that all true even if we don’t want to accept things as they are?
    keep going Yael and let us hear more from you.

  2. Roni Says:

    i did not stop laughing this is sooooooooo cool. I relate to everysingle line you wrote..
    Keep them coming.

  3. Shiri Laufer Says:

    I had a blast reading it even though i`ve heard it from Yael and found my self cracking on the floor.
    Keep writing (and going to the Gym)

  4. Margaliet Themans-Loss Says:

    This is so Yael, I read and hear her talk. Truly enjoyable!
    Keep the spirit up, I try to do the same every other day..

  5. Belline Manopla Says:

    Yael, I feel like we were having a personal conversation! Some people have trouble putting their thoughts on paper. You ae gifted in that you can put your thoughts AND feelings on paper. Kol hakavod :)!!

  6. Liora Says:

    I put aside all my computer work and devoted to reading your “gym” story..You are a talent and it is so real and honest that it is fun!
    Btw, why don’t you get help around the house at least when you have God you are a super woman..

    Keep up the good work!

  7. Tina Saad Says:

    Yael,you are a mind reader of all women around,you realy put all my thoughts on paper and it realy made me feel much better about me ,and I guess othres too.I just know you will find time,you always do! I also wish a day would have more than 24 hours…we could do so much more.right?
    Anyway your article was realy hilarious,keep up the good work!

  8. sunila sharma Says:

    I was dying to read this article for such a long time just out of curiosity …..finally I put aside all my work and started reading it…..this is so real and honestly very funny!
    I love it…..keep going yael.

    Keep up the good work!

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