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Hebringlish October 7, 2010

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Roobik Rosenthal is an Israeli philologist who write a lot about slang words. Here’s a few gems, with loose English translation by me (Sarit): 


עשר מילות הסלנג של העשור: Ten most used slang words of the decade 

1. אָחי –     הפנייה הישראלית האולטימטיבית, על תקן מגיפה. 

Achi = my brother, ultimate way to address your fellow human being 

2. אַחלה –     נהדר, ענק, וגם סתם בסדר.

Achla = wonderful, superb and also just fine 

3. בַקטנה –     קלישאת ההצטנעות הישראלית. 

Baktana =within a short time / small effort




One Response to “Hebringlish”

  1. Oshri Segal Says:

    There is one word I hear in recent years: TARGIAA (don’t have Hebrew font), Used in with impolite tone in cases where one impose on someone else to calm down. However, depending on the tone, it can have a more affectionate tone.

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