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Friends October 12, 2010

Definition: confidant, companion
Synonyms: ally, alter ego, associate, buddy, chum*, classmate,  companion*, compatriot, comrade, consort, cousin, crony, familiar, mate, pal, partner, playmate, roommate, schoolmate, sidekick, soul mate*, spare*, well-wisher

It took a few months of planning and some back & forward but we finally made it, a trip only for us, four childhood friends turning 40 that live all over the map but somehow never lost touch.

We know each other since G-d knows when, kindergarten? Experienced life together, laughed, cried, went to study overseas, got married, divorced then married again , had kids, went our separate ways as adults  but still share that special bond that can put us in a room as if time has not passed by.

We complement each other, we can argue and not get upset, we can have different opinions but still respect each other.

This is the way I describe them …..

S : Strong minded ,highly  educated , gorgeous  looking ,  strongly  opinionated , defender of the least fortunate , stubborn, warm heart

R : strong character , defiant, a bit un patience, complacent,  stunning  ,charismatic , friendly , warm heart

E: Funny, humble, honest, believer, strong moral , free spirit , methodic , easy going , strong faith, warm heart

Me: …………………. Come one I cannot give an opinion on my self

We finally gathered in this amazing location, cozy luxurious cabin, surrounded by mountains, pine smell, fresh air, leaving our husbands, kids & work behind. Total freedom!  Drank some wine and stayed up catching up.

We spent 3 days doing all sort of things, massage, spa, walking, eating, touring, hot tub , eating , sightseeing, eating , went to the Sundance Festival location ,  watch the sunset in the most amazing place sitting in front of a fire place drinking wine  , did the zip line down the mountain , I screamed all the way and had my panic attack moment but I DID IT .

We spent quality time taking turns driving, pit stop @ 711 for some slurpee , looking for any coffee shop not Starbucks , eating amazing food and some junk on the way , remembered old boyfriends, first kiss….. Among other crazy stuff, shared views of life, husbands, kids, work and encouraging each other with “BUY IT ! You look amazing on this! You don’t spend this much ever and you are worth  it !!!

We should all have our once a year GIRLS ONLY trip , let me tell you it is a self esteem booster, heartwarming,  feel good  moment .

My favorite part of the entire trip …… waking up at 6:30 am in the cabin realizing this is not a dream, gathering  in bed in our pajamas next to my best friends in the world having amazing conversation.

How amazing it is that we can still connect in every level.

So as we read the definition of “Friend” they missed one portion : Loyal, empathy, sincere , loving .

Love you girls …….. Looking forward to next year get away

Yael Chamay


11 Responses to “Friends”

  1. Ruthy Says:

    I love reading Yael’s articles…They are fun and real……

  2. Amazing!!
    Though, I am a little jealous after reading this…
    We wish we could have kept all those childhood friendships with us, along the way, but unfortunately only few of us get to gather like that and relive the experience.

  3. Ronit Says:

    love it!!

  4. joe Says:

    wonderful !!!!! loved every sentence .

  5. mery Says:

    I love the way Yael writes, so real, down to earth, funny and optimistic no matter what.
    Can’t wait for the next one.

  6. Belline Says:

    Yael, the only other way you could do justice to your storytelling is by doing the audio version! I mean it – your way of narrating the story is even better!

  7. liora Says:

    I find my slef looking forward to her next writting. Every article is inspiring .

  8. ilanit Says:

    Yael, keep posting this type of articles, I cannot get enough

  9. Tina Saad Says:

    Amazing and very inspiring!!! Enjoyed every minute it!

  10. Shiri Says:

    Love it- Yael, you always makes me feel I’m there with you

  11. natali Says:

    Mom,I love the way you write about exciting moments in your life and others. people love your writing so don’t stop. I love you and would have loved Utah. KEEP WRITING!!!!!!!!!!!1

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