Salt & Pilpel

Connecting Jewish Americans and Israelis in North NJ

Invitation to direct December 20, 2010

Dear friends,

Salt and Pilpel is growing and looking to create a board of directors that will help with its operation. As you know, we are operating with no profit, aiming to join hearts in fun activities meant to bond Jewish people of all denominations, languages, all walks of life together as one big, diverse community.

No, no one is making any money off of it, it’s all voluntarily done. If you paid any charges for an activity you participated in, it was the cost of that activity and none of us got monetarily richer.

We DID, however,  enriched our souls.


This is why we are sending you this email today.

We got so many great suggestions from many of you – our members, we thought the entire community can benefit if everyone is involved.


We are turning to you today to support our efforts and serve in one of the following steering committees:

  • Think tank committee – think up new ideas for activities, innovations, etc. and plan them out.
  • PR committee – bring more members into our circle of friends, PR our achievements and events.
  • Operational committee – chairing actual projects and task forces, bring concepts to completion.
  • Legalities – be our legal/insurance advisor.


You don’t need to be experienced in this – if you care about your Jewish community and have the drive to help – you are invited!

We will all decide on the scope of our activities, commitments and time frames as we convene for our first meeting.


So, are you in?



One Response to “Invitation to direct”

  1. yael Says:

    Thank you S&P , this will be a fun journey

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