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IMAGINATION/ Yael Chamay January 17, 2011

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It has been a long time since I wrote a piece for the blog. As always I have been all over with a very busy schedule. But you already know that. I have so many ideas on things I want to write about that I don’t know what to choose.  But I flipped a coin so here it goes

In my very limited free time I love to watch TV, I am a junkie when it comes to OPRAH, the home makeovers type of programs and reality shows ( this last one according to my husband is a waste of brain cells, but I just cannot resist. Between the Millionaire matchmaker & Gene Simons from Kiss…. just to name a few)

So I was watching a certain program on TV of a team that comes to your house and renovate a room for you, ONLY ONE ROOM IN THE HOUSE. All of a sudden my husband tells me ….. Yael why don’t you apply for  the show? You might win a kitchen renovation, you never know. You are always complaining that you have no room in the kitchen? …..

OMG he is so right, did I tell you that I talk to my  pots when I take them out of the closet ( they are all stacked up and to take one out something always falls on me) or that I always take out the wrong container lid and curse at it till I find the right one.

In less than a millisecond I was in fantasy land. Oh can you imagine, they take over and throw this wall down, and push this outside , and install  a new floor, and change for wider windows,  and give me tons of storage place, build me an island, with some stools so we can all gather in the kitchen and chat with the kids as I cook, install a music system so I can sing as I cook , new appliances will be nice, might as well expand to the dining room since it is next to the kitchen and make it a bigger open area with cool light fixtures and a bigger table that can fit tons of people, a long buffet where I can serve food & entertain guests . Can you imagine?

My husband tabs my shoulder in order to bring me back to reality not so harshly and with  a very big smile tells me  …. Honey I think you should first send the application to the show so you can actually win.

This is so typical of me ( and I bet you are the same) , I was so happy for  a few seconds, I savored the entire remodeling and imagined every detail in my head , and yes I had also a big smile on my face .

I once heard someone say that having happy thought increases days to your life and happiness to your soul.

Boy oh boy…. my soul must be dancing and hope to live a long life 🙂

PS. I did send the application to the TV show…….. you never know


8 Responses to “IMAGINATION/ Yael Chamay”

  1. Ronit Says:

    Hope you get your dream kitchen girl… You deserve it.
    Love ya

  2. aviva Says:

    most of the time dreams come only have to work on it everyday, so keep whishing and dreaming.youll get it!!!

  3. Tina Saad Says:

    Oh Yael,this is such a sweet dream,we all wish for these amazing makeovers,I hope you’ll get it ,realy ,you deserve it and God knows you need it. This way we get to eat more of your yummy dinners and treats!!!

  4. Belline Says:

    Yael- you talk to your pots! I love it! Maybe you can ‘ask them’ to expand the dining room too? :)) But don’t touch our chivas and balcones!


  5. Shiri Says:

    Yael, you pots sure listen because your food is delicious- as your writing too.
    Please send an application for me too- for one room- one kitchen, one living room,one dining room- ONE room of each….

  6. susan Says:

    Yael, good luck with your dream for a new kitchen…… never know.
    Would love to see your family pops up in TV 🙂

  7. OMG…..every word you wrote is so true, I hope all your dreams come true.

  8. Liora Meidan Says:

    I love your idea, go for it!
    If you win, I want to come and see it before and after and perhaps even give you a hand..after all this is part of my job desciption, ha ha!

    Good luck my friend!


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