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Photography classes by Nitsan Tal January 19, 2011

Many times I had friends ask me to help them figure out why they can’t get good pictures with their cameras. The pictures may be too dark, too light, out of focus or blurry. Many times they assume they just need to invest in a better camera but mostly that’s not true.

So…I would like to offer a photography class for beginners. I will call it “beyond Auto mode”.

The class will cover the basics of camera controls, Aperture, shutter speed, lens length, ISO, what they mean, what they do and when to use what, how to get better pictures indoors and outdoors, use of cheap or home-made accessories to better control difficult light conditions etc.

The only equipment needed for the class is a camera with manual shooting mode.

Classes will be held once a week in Old-Tappan,  every week I will give a shooting assignment to reinforce the concepts that where taught, and we will look at the resulting pictures together and discuss them. Every class will be 90 minutes, the initial series will be of 5 classes, the cost 35$ per class. Class size will be small (5-6 people) so I can pay attention and answer all questions.

If you are interested, please send me contact info (e-mail is best), do you prefer morning (10:30-12:00) class or evening (8-9:30)?


Nitsan Tal

Nitsan Tal Photography

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