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A Winter Vacation January 20, 2011

A winter trip

So winter vacation came and with a lot of planning we are set to go.

3 families and 3 cars loaded to the roof with ski equipment, coolers, blankets, gadgets and smiles that can light up any dark sky.

You would imagine that once on the road the goal was to drive straight to Vermont (about 3 ½ or 4 hours drive) but as organized as we are, we planned a stop at COSTCO and purchase all the food needed to feed this bunch. Oh boy ……. Let the kids out of the car and into Costco……. Result: 8 kids stacking all sorts of things on to the carts. “We need cookies, how can we not get this chips” as they put stuff into the cart, Shiri and I took them out.  An hour later we are on our way. But an hour later into the road trip….. ” I need coffee, I need tea, I need to pi, and can we stop?” So we pulled at the rest stop .

Finally, we arrived.  The view was amazing, white powder dressing up the trees, the roofs filled with snow; you can clearly see the ski trail.

We rented a very nice house that can accommodate all of us. Everybody grabbed something and we ventured inside , the kids ran in as I make a silent  prayer  for a clean environment ( you never know what you get when you rent a house from a website). To my surprise it was exactly as the pictures but only with one surprise.

The owner of the house was a cow collector, yes I said COW, I am not kidding they had cows in pictures, cows as stuffed animals, kitchen gadgets, door stoppers, cow vacuum cleaner, cow broom, cow dust pan, cow wall paper, cow pillows, cow light switch, entrance cow, cows on top of the fire place, even a cow manikin in the middle of the living room (that Ron was scared of so Shiri had to turn it facing the wall). It was a cow invasion.

I declared myself the designated cook, I am the only member of the crew that is not ski friendly ,I needed to get some office work while on vacation plus I was going to take ONLY ONE SKI lesson just to have it checked on my bucket list. I was pretty happy with the indoor cow environment.

I have to admit I was petrified of taking the ski class, I am a control freak and the day of the class I was getting the butterfly on my stomach feeling. How will I stop, what if I fall, what if I need to pi in the middle of the mountain, what if I am so uncoordinated  that I will not learn at all. STOP ! Think positive, you can do it, one class what is the worst that can happen? Think of something else!!!!!!!

I am happy to report that I took the class, my mind was set to nail it, I did not fall, I did not freak out, I did not pi at all. I was so surprised and confident, it felt SO GOOD.  Learning to ski…. CHECKED

We spent 5 days in the cow house, eating like pigs (I fed everybody from schnitzel, hamburgers, matzo ball soup, pasta & deli sandwiches with the help of my sous- chef Shiri). Tal even made cookies, yummy .

At night we played Pictionary and found ourselves screaming the answers before the sand clock completed the minute.  A shesh besh  match between fathers & sons was the highlight. The fathers thinking that they have more experience and can conquer any opponent ( ha ha ha) , kids putting on a Kippa to win the match ( luck is needed at this point) . My husband losing the game to and my son   …… priceless.

As the trip came to an end and with sad faces to go back home, we all bonded, friends & family, we had a great time. The cows did not follow us home (thank G-d).

Next trip ….. Laufer’s/ Sofer’s please lets pick a tropical location  xoxoxo.

From any family trip you will always get great memories, and with time these are the stories that your kids will remember and cherish forever.

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10 Responses to “A Winter Vacation”

  1. Ilanit Habot Says:

    Beautiful story! I can just imagine the house 🙂
    next time please schedule with us… :)))

    • Ronit Says:

      Yael: I am so proud of you facing your fear of the unknown… remember i said to my self” if Sherley can do it there is no way I can not do it”.
      keep the articles coming.

  2. Sh Says:

    Loved it!!

  3. Israel Laufer Says:

    Wait a min…If I may add, we had a great quality time skiing after one of the largest winter’s storms this season. Last but not least we all came back one piece 🙂 tired but with a lot of memories.

    Laufer Family = SKI 🙂

  4. Shavit Says:

    Yael. You are a goddess among women. An inspiration to us all. And the cows are priceless. But I have yet to see a picture of you on skis. May we all be reminded every day to take advantage of life’s opportunities.

  5. margaliet Says:

    Outstanding story, I felt like I was in this “movie” myself, we will make sure to send you to a different spot every year, so we can all enjoy your lively writing.

  6. Estee Says:

    Yael, thanking you for bringing us along on your winter escapade. I can smell your delicious cooking and am still laughing over the cows!


  7. rachel yehoshua Says:

    I loved it wonderful story and vacetion’ az you said this is the bigest gift that you can give to your family and kids

    I am proud of you and proud that my sister have a BAT QAMOCH

  8. Ruthy Says:

    It sounds like you had a blast!!!!

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