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Satisfaction/Yael Chamay February 4, 2011

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  Satisfaction: the contentment one feels when one has fulfilled a desire, need, or expectation


  2 o’clock in the morning and I am sitting in the sofa waiting for my challah to finish baking, it is already Friday.

  You might think I am crazy, especially if I need to go to work in just a few hours.  You see, during my day my brain

  is busy and full of noise, work noise, traffic noise, kid’s noise, husband noise, house noise. So I find that when the

  entire world in sleeping I am entitled to create my own noise, well more like my own silence.

  I don’t do this often (stay up so late) but when I do, it somehow gives me a sense of satisfaction, accomplishment,

  silence…….. funny enough just from this little corner of comfort I hear my son snoring, my husband joining the snoring

   chorus, my daughter talking in her sleep and me, laughing at how funny it all sounds. I decide to just go to each room

  and give everybody a kiss as they sleep.

  I walk to the boys room maneuvering not to step on the clothing that is thrown on the floor, I just stand there

  watching them, so amazed at how beautiful they are, how their bodies full of energy rest for the night and how in

  just a few hours they will fill the space with smiles and commotion. I kiss them on the forehead and pray to G-d so

  he can forever protect them and guide them.

  I continue to my daughter’s room but she is not there…… she is in my bed next to my husband, what a precious

  moment, she is resting her head on her father’s shoulder, he snores and she is having a full conversation for which

  I cannot understand a word. I slowly walk her to her bed, tuck her in, and kiss her also on the forehead, praying to

  G-d to watch over her and give her infinite blessings.


  I glance at my husband from the door as I am tempted to wake him up so he can share with me this moment,

   luckily for him the timer of the oven beeps, reminding me that the challah is now ready. And if I wake him up he

  will for sure think that it is time for some “midnight action”. Thank G-d for the oven beep…….

   As I stand all alone in the middle of the night, the silence after all the noise, the midnight life that a household

   experiences when nobody is watching, a silent prayer that only a mother can share with “Bore Olam”, the smell

  of Shabbat in my house, and the smile on my face as I go to sleep just for a few hours.  It all gives me a sense of


  I didn’t stay up for much longer, I made sure the lights are off; the doors are locked, and that the alarm is set for

  5:30am.  It is my time to sleep,  next to my husband joining him on the never-ending snoring choir, and believe it

  or not……. yes the snoring part after so many years together……… 100% SATISFACTION.                                 



8 Responses to “Satisfaction/Yael Chamay”

  1. Ronit Says:

    you just made me cry!!! u are an amazing human beaing.
    Love you 4 ever

  2. Mery Says:

    It is amazing!! Filled my soul with satisfaction to raed this and think of the little and simple things in life that can make you fill blessed.
    I love it keep on writing!!!

  3. aviva Says:

    Satisfaction of one’s curiosity is one of the greatest sources of happiness in life,
    i am happy that you are happy.!!!!!

  4. Tina Saad Says:

    You are blessed BH. you have this little spark that touches every heart of every mother that reads it and only makes me at least gratefull for what gift Hashem gave us ,our beautiful family to love. Thank you for helping us explore it all over again!!!

  5. Have a restful Shabbat:)

  6. Natali Chamay Says:

    I love you mom

  7. Estee Says:

    You are so generous to share your precious moments with your public. You make us feel lucky and special to be your friend by allowing us a glimpse into your beautiful family life. Keep up the good work.

    We love you.

    PS. Looking forward to the “Planning a party blog.”

    • Belline Manopla Says:

      Yael, you share some of your beautiful, positive energy every time you write, speak, clean, cook, work, be a mom, be a friend. Xo

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