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We Have a New Logo Contest Winner! April 15, 2011

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Congratulations Mark!

Thank you Kfir from Emanu El Deli for the AMAZING basket!



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Yet another Passover is around the corner…….. Did you start your house cleaning? Did you move the stove all the way out? Did you check your kid’s jacket pockets? Did you check in between the sofa cushions?

Mama mia …….. if that was the only thing we should worry about. I came to work this morning and instead of starting my daily tasks,  I set in front of the PC (hoping that nobody s watching) ready to write something relevant for  Pesach when all of a sudden it hits me, a revelation (thank you G-d) .

Pesach is a wonderful holiday,  all about gathering with friends and family to pass on the story of our heritage, to let the children take over for two nights and lead  us with the story of Pesach.  Let them (just for a bit) take in their own hands what they will later pass on to their children.

When my children were small we used to watch the movie The Prince of Egypt, you can see in their faces how the story touched them.  Just last year I made them watch the movie Exodus , made in 1960, lasts almost 3 hours – I was sure they will walk out of the room and call me crazy, but they sat with me us and were hypnotized by the whole thing . There is nothing like an old film with true Hollywood stars giving us an interpretation of Moses (the only thing missing was the popcorn  L)

When I was young, we used to do the Seder (2 nights) with the whole family, tons of aunts and cousins gathered around. The Seder was lead in Spanish and Hebrew (we lived in Panama) …… the longest Seder in history….. I used to dread these two nights because they were long and never ending,  each kid needed to read some of the Hagada plus my two uncles Ovadia &  Eli (ZLB) faught over who got to lead. The food was amazing, I never found the AFIKOMAN so I never won  the money……… and I was never the oldest to eat the egg behind the door as we wait for Eliau HaNavi ……….  NOW I MISS IT SO MUCH !!!

I made my own family and moved away from home ……… we are spread out all over the world and we will need a miracle for all to gather as we did when we were kids. 

Today as we live far from our parents, cousins and aunts, we made sure to build our own nest,  it is true that family is irreplaceable  but slowly, slowly,  we made friends that became our family .

To my friends and family , thank you for becoming my home away from home and for contributing to new memories that will last an eternity.

Chag Sameach  xoxoxoxoxo   Yael Chamay

P.S. To my darling husband ……Honey next year G-d willing  in Jerusalem ……… that way I don’t need to clean & cook J