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Paterson Great Falls November 21, 2010

Paterson Great Falls in New Jersey are a natural wonder. These falls, the largest ones in the Northeast after Niagara Falls, powered manufacturing plants here to create the cradle of the industrial revolution in an America trying to become less dependent on British manufacturers.

The Falls are viewable from Haines Overlook Park on the south and Mary Ellen Kramer Park on the north. Drive-by viewing is available from McBride Avenue where it crosses the river just above the Falls. A footbridge over the Falls gorge (historically, the eighth such bridge to span this spectacular chasm) also serves as an exciting outlook point from which many have captured the famous Falls rainbow. A visitor’s center at the corner of Spruce and McBride Avenues, in the heart of the Great Falls Historic District, provides a historical overview of the falls and the industrial and cultural history of Paterson.

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Apple Picking October 14, 2010

Last Saturday we decided to enjoy the fabulous weather and go out for an Apple and Pumpkin Picking.

We drove to Sugar Loaf enjoyed their lovely annual Fall Festival and continued to  Apple Wood Orchards to pick apples

We all had a great time !

Now we need apple recipes … do you have any ? if so, please share….


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A boardwalk and a bridge in Vernon Township, NJ October 4, 2010

The mile-long boardwalk, with its 110- foot long wooden suspension bridge forms a section of the Appalachian Scenic Trail, between the Pochuck and Wawayanda Mountains is a beautiful hike .

It is a beautiful marshy bog of tall grasses, bushes, wild flowers and the state’s largest concentration of cattails, surrounded by a hardwood and evergreen forest. It is a habitat for a variety of native and endangered species.

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Here are some photos from our visit:

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Cape Cod September 30, 2010

A few weeks ago, while the summer was still around (looks like a looooooong time ago), we decided to spend the weekend with good friends and good food in some nice place. We choose to travel to Cape Cod, and what a great choice that was !

We rented this beautiful house on the beach and had a great time !

We took the kids to whale-watching in Provinctown, saw lots of whales, spent time on the beach, took a few hikes – had a great time.

Here are a few photos….

Do you have suggestions for places we can visit in this rainy weather ?  we will be happy to hear your recommendations.

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Race to the End of the Earth July 17, 2010

Summer is here and we looked  for a way to chill out and have a nice time with the kids …

We started our morning at the Central Park and after choosing one of the many kids playgrounds that are equipped with water features, we sat on the grass watching the kids splashing around while zipping our coffee and picnicking,  that was a great start for the day.

After drying up and changing to dry clothes we walked to the Natural History Museum and took a Race to the End of the Earth – a wonderful cool exhibit for the whole family to enjoy. The exhibit tells the story of a  competition between two famous explorers, Amundsen, a Norwegian, and Scott, an English – both attempting to beat and be the first in exploring the Antarctic.

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We managed to stay cool in that warm day and had a great time ! hope you did to !


A jewel in the village June 25, 2010

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It was one of those sticky hot days when I took a walk in Greenwich Village and just by chance fell upon this secret garden, a jewel in the heart of the city, St. Luke’s Gardens.

I entered through the black metal gate and found myself in that beautiful, quiet, amazing, secret garden filled with lovely greenery and wonderful flowers and just a few benches that will allow you to sit back, relax and imagine that you just fell into this magnificent secret garden taken from one of the children’s stories.

That few minute break is highly recommended whenever you’re in the neighborhood and promises to reload your batteries and fill you with great energies for the rest of your day.

address – 487 Hudson St. between Christopher & Grove streets,  NY10014, west village.


Fornasetti vases by Bitossi Ceramiche “Variations on a Theme” June 6, 2010

Walking on a sunny fine day in Manhattan I accidently  bumped into that fabulous sight – the new Collection of Limited Edition Fornasetti vases by Bitossi Ceramiche “Variations on a Theme” in conversation with surrealist couture pieces by Liborio Capizzi.

The collection will be presented until 27th June, 2010.
10 am to 8 pm Chelsea Passage, 9th floor Madison and Sixty-First, Barneys New York.

For more information –

Creations by Liborio Capizzi