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Camps Galore March 20, 2011

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Have you noticed the warmth? the greenery? the non-white? returning squirrel? a dear or two? chirp chirp… cheer up – it’s SPRING!

And so it’s time to plan for camps and we are proud to present two wonderful opportunities that had landed in our Salt and Pilpel mailbox. Please see both the Chabad camp and a $1000 first time sleep away camp grant below.

Camper half pg ad about our children mag

Happy spring to you all!


Design Contest for Salt and Pilpel’s new Logo! February 26, 2011

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Be the one to design our new logo and win a great basket gift of our supporter: The Emanu-El Deli in Tenafly!

See the flyers below for details about our contest and about Emanu-El Deli.


Challah Project/Noga Sher February 11, 2011

Me…. Baking Challa? Who would of thought?
Well, I admit, when I first saw your inviting mail for the challa project baking, I raised my eyebrow….
Me baking Challa?  This is my husband’s job ( he is a professional pastry-cook) and my job is usually eating it. ( with just plain butter is the best J )
I thought is this an attempt to make me more religious…. ????  I couldn’t help remembering the rabbi’s wife just before I got married lecturing me how every mother and daughter should light shabbat candles and bake a challa.….( yeah… right…)  But then I was charmed  by the idea that the challot (plural for challa in Hebrew) are meant to be given to others to welcome them to the community. what a great initiative! , why didn’t I think of that?
Well great purpose I thought I am in, the evening we made the challot was a lot of fun, I got to meet new Israeli members of the community and had the chance to find out the secrets of making a challa without being around my husband and his mess while he is in the kitchen. It seems that years of practicing on braiding my daughters hair, did not give me any advantage on succeeding with braiding from 6….( so I guess I can add: it was challenging as well).
But the best part of the project (aside from eating a fresh home made challa  with butter of course) was to see the faces of the people who received the challa and their warm words of thankfulness.
Great experience, I am proud to have part in it. Thank you very much.
Waiting to host at my place too.


Challa Project – The February Bunch February 4, 2011

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Our Chala Project is under way and here are the photos January 16, 2011

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Invitation to direct December 20, 2010

Dear friends,

Salt and Pilpel is growing and looking to create a board of directors that will help with its operation. As you know, we are operating with no profit, aiming to join hearts in fun activities meant to bond Jewish people of all denominations, languages, all walks of life together as one big, diverse community.

No, no one is making any money off of it, it’s all voluntarily done. If you paid any charges for an activity you participated in, it was the cost of that activity and none of us got monetarily richer.

We DID, however,  enriched our souls.


This is why we are sending you this email today.

We got so many great suggestions from many of you – our members, we thought the entire community can benefit if everyone is involved.


We are turning to you today to support our efforts and serve in one of the following steering committees:

  • Think tank committee – think up new ideas for activities, innovations, etc. and plan them out.
  • PR committee – bring more members into our circle of friends, PR our achievements and events.
  • Operational committee – chairing actual projects and task forces, bring concepts to completion.
  • Legalities – be our legal/insurance advisor.


You don’t need to be experienced in this – if you care about your Jewish community and have the drive to help – you are invited!

We will all decide on the scope of our activities, commitments and time frames as we convene for our first meeting.


So, are you in?



Challahs for Shabbat December 1, 2010

Hello everyone,

As we assume you all know Salt & Pilpel is a social voluntary initiative that tries to connect and bring together Israelis and Jewish Americans.

Since many new Israeli and Jewish families have recently moved to our area we thought about a nice welcome activity. We would like to offer you all (new and old families) a new activity which goal is to create new relationships and to bring us closer together – making and delivering of Challahs for Shabbat .

Imagine our own hand made Challah industry that we all can enjoy and  take part in and that will allow us to welcome new Israeli and Jewish families to our  community.

Once a month, close to Rosh Chodesh (beginning of a Hebrew month), on a Thursday evening, we will gather 2-3 ladies in one of the houses to prepare Challahs together. We will than distribute the Challahs to other Jewish and Israeli families. We’ll roll our sleeves, knead the dough, braid it, laugh, get to know new people and make a few families happy. Then the freshly baked and packed Challahs will be distributed to other families.

The activity will allow you to learn how to prepare a fresh and tasty Challah as well as host (a few weeks later) the same activity, pass on the knowledge to others and prepare new Challahs with them.

We will distribute the wrapped Challahs together with a welcoming note to the new families (different families each month).

This Challah baking and welcoming  activity will require a number of volunteers each month – one to drive and distribute the Challahs, one to host Challah baking meet-up, and a few to prepare the Challahs and wrap them.

We will be happy to hear from you about new Jewish and Israeli families.

So what is it about?

  • A different and unique opportunity for a social gathering.
  • A good recipe for Challah.
  • Creative idea and fun family activity.
  • Opportunity to host a similar meeting in your home.
  • Doing a Mitzvah and sending Challahs to new families – a warm and friendly welcome!

We hope that this activity would enable you  to participate as well as contribute and take an active role  in our community while enhancing  connections and relationships  with other  members of the Jewish Israeli American community.

We look forward to hear your comments and see your registration (please circle the relevant items and email us back):

1. I Would like to attend and prepare Challahs.

2. I will be happy to host a Challah baking meet-up at my home

3. I will be happy to volunteer to distribute the Challah

Name:______________________ e-mail or phone no.________________

We hope you all enjoy this venture along with a fresh Challah for Shabbat .

Please feel free to forward this message to your friends and family !