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Connecting Jewish Americans and Israelis in North NJ

Nitsan’s photography lessons March 15, 2011


Challahs for Shabbat December 1, 2010

Hello everyone,

As we assume you all know Salt & Pilpel is a social voluntary initiative that tries to connect and bring together Israelis and Jewish Americans.

Since many new Israeli and Jewish families have recently moved to our area we thought about a nice welcome activity. We would like to offer you all (new and old families) a new activity which goal is to create new relationships and to bring us closer together – making and delivering of Challahs for Shabbat .

Imagine our own hand made Challah industry that we all can enjoy and  take part in and that will allow us to welcome new Israeli and Jewish families to our  community.

Once a month, close to Rosh Chodesh (beginning of a Hebrew month), on a Thursday evening, we will gather 2-3 ladies in one of the houses to prepare Challahs together. We will than distribute the Challahs to other Jewish and Israeli families. We’ll roll our sleeves, knead the dough, braid it, laugh, get to know new people and make a few families happy. Then the freshly baked and packed Challahs will be distributed to other families.

The activity will allow you to learn how to prepare a fresh and tasty Challah as well as host (a few weeks later) the same activity, pass on the knowledge to others and prepare new Challahs with them.

We will distribute the wrapped Challahs together with a welcoming note to the new families (different families each month).

This Challah baking and welcoming  activity will require a number of volunteers each month – one to drive and distribute the Challahs, one to host Challah baking meet-up, and a few to prepare the Challahs and wrap them.

We will be happy to hear from you about new Jewish and Israeli families.

So what is it about?

  • A different and unique opportunity for a social gathering.
  • A good recipe for Challah.
  • Creative idea and fun family activity.
  • Opportunity to host a similar meeting in your home.
  • Doing a Mitzvah and sending Challahs to new families – a warm and friendly welcome!

We hope that this activity would enable you  to participate as well as contribute and take an active role  in our community while enhancing  connections and relationships  with other  members of the Jewish Israeli American community.

We look forward to hear your comments and see your registration (please circle the relevant items and email us back):

1. I Would like to attend and prepare Challahs.

2. I will be happy to host a Challah baking meet-up at my home

3. I will be happy to volunteer to distribute the Challah

Name:______________________ e-mail or phone no.________________

We hope you all enjoy this venture along with a fresh Challah for Shabbat .

Please feel free to forward this message to your friends and family !


The Forest & The C – An Evening of Great Wines July 16, 2010

Yatir and Domaine Du Castel are considered to be among the best Israeli wineries — ask Robert Parker, Tom Stevenson or Hugh Johnson who gave them rave reviews. Better yet, experience them yourself.

Yatir, a “New World” styled Boutique winery, is located in the Yatir Forest near the Dead Sea on the grounds of 3,000 year old wine making facilities. It proves that in Israel you can not only grow quality grapes in the desert, but also produce internationally awarded superb wines.

The French influenced Domaine du Castel is a family owned Boutique winery located near Jerusalem. Eli Ben Zaken transformed the winery into a world-known entity winning Decanter Magazine’s Wine of the Month award twice in one year, a remarkable feat. It’s Bordeaux styled wines received many prestigious international awards.

Sit back, relax and join other wine lovers at the Israeli Wine of the Month Club’s interactive wine tasting experience.

What is interactive wine tasting?

* Several wonderful Israeli wines will be explored. Cheese, crackers and fruit also served.
* A panel of our Sommeliers/Wine Critics will describe each wine and guide you in exercising your palate tasting them
* You will be encouraged to voice your opinion about each wine and write elaborate notes — be Robert Parker, Tom Stevenson or Daniel Rogov for a night… Every opinion counts !
* We will collect everyone’s tasting notes and distribute them via a newsletter. The newsletter will also include professional tasting notes as well as detailed descriptions of the wineries, and more…

When? July 22, 2010 at 7PM
Where? Quint, Miller & Co.
34 West 38th Street (between 5th & 6th Ave.)
6th Floor
The buzzer on the ground floor (on the right side of entrance door), # 6

How much? $36 at door
RSVP by July 21, 2010 (space is limited)

For more info.


Democracy and human & civil rights in Israel April 15, 2010

The first in what is hoped to become a series of discussions about democracy and human & civil rights in Israel will host Naomi Chazan who is an inspiring speaker who has been at the fore front of these issues.

The discussion will take place on Saturday, May 15th at 8:00pm, and will be hosted at the home of Naomi Feiner in Alpine. Refreshments will be served.

For further information, exact address and  RSVP please go to –



Shake your soul April 14, 2010

Shake Your Soul is a fun, soul-full, exercise class which includes very simple, easy to follow movements influenced by different movement forms like Jazz, Modern dance, African dance, Latin dance and more, choreographed to highly inspirational music from around the globe.

The main benefits from this class are: cardiovascular fitness, increased tone, flexibility and strength, and stress reduction.

The basic idea behind this class is that fitness does not necessarily need to equate with suffering and that by finding a way to reconnect with the joy of movement one can also reach their physical goals as a side benefit. The workout thus becomes a more wholesome experience, which addresses not only the needs of the body but also the ones of the mind and the soul. People who take the class generally report coming out of it with an exceptionally increased sense of physical as well as emotional wellbeing.

The class will be on Sunday mornings at 10:30 every other week starting this coming Sunday, the 18th, in the JCC.

For further details please contact Odelia at