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Open Hearts Project March 12, 2011


Please join us for a friendly informational meeting about project Open Hearts, Open Homes, a respite program for Israeli teenagers affected by terrorism and/or war. This is a joint program between both the JCC on the Palisades and the YJCC in Washington Twp. You won’t be committing to anything by attending this meeting aside from an hour of your time and hopefully some interesting conversation. If you have any questions you can contact Steven Mark at or (201) 666-6610 ext. 244.
Thank you




Emanu-El Delicatessen February 26, 2011


Send our love to soldiers in Israel February 25, 2011


Our Challah Project in the press February 17, 2011

Have a look….



Irit’s traditional Purim Party February 13, 2011


Challah Project/Noga Sher February 11, 2011

Me…. Baking Challa? Who would of thought?
Well, I admit, when I first saw your inviting mail for the challa project baking, I raised my eyebrow….
Me baking Challa?  This is my husband’s job ( he is a professional pastry-cook) and my job is usually eating it. ( with just plain butter is the best J )
I thought is this an attempt to make me more religious…. ????  I couldn’t help remembering the rabbi’s wife just before I got married lecturing me how every mother and daughter should light shabbat candles and bake a challa.….( yeah… right…)  But then I was charmed  by the idea that the challot (plural for challa in Hebrew) are meant to be given to others to welcome them to the community. what a great initiative! , why didn’t I think of that?
Well great purpose I thought I am in, the evening we made the challot was a lot of fun, I got to meet new Israeli members of the community and had the chance to find out the secrets of making a challa without being around my husband and his mess while he is in the kitchen. It seems that years of practicing on braiding my daughters hair, did not give me any advantage on succeeding with braiding from 6….( so I guess I can add: it was challenging as well).
But the best part of the project (aside from eating a fresh home made challa  with butter of course) was to see the faces of the people who received the challa and their warm words of thankfulness.
Great experience, I am proud to have part in it. Thank you very much.
Waiting to host at my place too.


Photography Today-Natan Dvir January 22, 2011

Photography Today-Natan Dvir: An Israeli born photographer, now living in New York:

Born in Israel in 1972 Natan Dvir received his Masters degree in Business Administration (MBA) at Tel
Aviv University in 1998.
Dvir began his photography career shooting for a number of Israeli publications. Today, he lives in New-York and works as a freelance photographer represented by Polaris Images, specializing in documentary and editorial photography focusing mainly on the human aspect of political, social and humanitarian subjects.
Some of his most interesting work is a series called “Eighteen” in which he photographed Arab men and women turning 18. In an interview he explained what’s behind this project:

“While Israel is defined as the Jewish state, over a fifth of its population is
Arab (Muslim, Christian, Druze and Bedouin)…..Although I grew up in Israel and spent most of my artistic career
photographing its citizens, I felt I did not really know or understand this society….…In this highly political environment I became interested in the human stories of these people living as a minority in a country defined by its majority religion. Wishing to examine forward-looking aspects of this Arab-Jewish coexistence, I decided to focus on Arab men and women at a crucial point in their lives – turning18 years old….….As a Jewish Israeli man, I expected most of my subjects to regard me with suspicion and distrust. I chose to photograph them in their close surroundings wishing to present the pictures with a sense of place and attempting to reveal the social context within which they live.” (For the full interview

Also very interesting is the series he calls “Belief” which includes aesthetically stunning but also piercing and sometimes disturbing images of different religion practices and political situations driven by strong believes.

And if all this politics is too much for you… don’t miss the project titled “The Tel-Avivians” and the series of portraits of prominent israely figures.

To see the images:

Written by: Nitsan Tal

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